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A blog in which I brainstorm ideas for future articles, poems, essays, stories, etc.

Why we write

What we write doesn’t have to be lovely, or eloquent or grand. Others don’t have to love it or even like it. They can despise it. We write for ourselves. We write for our souls. It makes us who we … Continue reading

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Another Assignment (about my major)

When I was 13, I felt I heard God tell me that I was going to one day live in other countries, doing missions work/helping poorer or less fortunate people in these countries. My question has always been, what type … Continue reading

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The Art of Writing

Writing is an art. Like painting or sculpting, the piece may seem unclear at first, but in the end, everything is pulled together and its beauty shines. Sometimes the artist may have a clear idea of the end product and … Continue reading

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Idea Matrix

This is my personal idea matrix for article writing. It is indeed lacking; I could use some help. Idea Matrix Major Heading Main Subject Sub-Idea Hobby Crafts Ocala People Ocala Fighters Ocala Orchestra Nacho Cheese Crew Community Events Civic Involvement … Continue reading

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Falling for someone

So, I’ve realized this blog isn’t just about me! It’s about everyone. :) I’d like to ask you all the following question: Girls: What is it that really makes you start to fall for a guy? or Guys: What is … Continue reading

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