The Art of Writing


Writing is an art. Like painting or sculpting, the piece may seem unclear at first, but in the end, everything is pulled together and its beauty shines. Sometimes the artist may have a clear idea of the end product and sometimes it just “happens”. Like a sculptor, a writer must uncover what they are trying to create. For the sculptor, the piece starts out as a large “block” and the sculptor has to take that block, chisel it down, and “find” the masterpiece. The same goes with a writer. We revise, revise, and revise, over and over and over again until we find that small something worthwhile. It is not usually the idea that is important, but the way in which it is presented. This is because there are not many “new” ideas in this world. Almost everything has been thought up before, by some other great theologian or thinker. (Notice I did say almost everything–there are still new ideas but they are rare diamonds.) This is why a writer should start off with a great idea, but hone its presentation. Even a not-so-great idea can look interesting based on the way it’s presented. This leads me to the question of, why do we write?
Most writers would say they “have to.” That it’s just a part of who they are and whether they’re making two dollars an hour or two-hundred, it’s just something they must do. For them, it’s not necessarily about ideas or presentation or even audience. It’s about passion.

Michelle Linda

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