Why we write

What we write doesn’t have to be lovely, or eloquent or grand. Others don’t have to love it or even like it. They can despise it. We write for ourselves. We write for our souls. It makes us who we are and it gives us the shoulder to turn to when there are none. What we write can be funny, weird, sarcastic, idealistic, sparkly, serious, satiric…It simply does not matter. As long as we keep on, it will never matter. All that will matter is that we do it and we don’t stop. Because it’s a part of us and we crave it and it helps shape us. It’s not about shaping our audience, shaping our piece for our audience, or even shaping our writing. It’s about shaping ourselves. It’s about becoming ourselves and seeing ourselves for who we truly are. It’s about reflection. It’s about looking back on ourselves as an outsider but also seeing a mirror reflection and not knowing whether it is us or someone else. It is simply our soul expressing itself.

Michelle Linda

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