Michelle’s Bio.

Who am I?

Michelle Bacallao is an emerging writer who has recently graduated from College of Central Florida. She will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Central Florida. Michelle is a nature lover and has a special interest in literature.

More about me:
I’m 22 and I love God. He is the essence of life, and there is nothing greater than knowing Him. Apart from writing, I also love to dance, sing, and adventure. Some of the best things in life are: Rollercoasters, ice-skating, horse-back riding, scuba diving, white chocolate mochas, peppermint mochas, Twizzlers, meaningful conversations, long walks, the sea, the mountains, Chinese food, and the color pink. Now, onto the writing…

A description of my writing life

I’ve written countless essays, many of them of publication quality. I’ve composed all sorts–from movie reviews to reports on the environment to story analyses to dance summaries. I enjoy writing those which concern topics of inspiration—people of influence, literature and poetry, and Christianity. Some of my favorite essays I’ve written involve Martin Luther King Jr. and Ken Saro-Wiwa, as well as the poetry of Emily Dickinson and William Wordsworth. One of my favorite pieces is on the subject of angels’ roles as messengers in the New Testament.

My bookcase shelves numerous school poetry projects. Each of them contains several favorite poems by others, as well as a variety of my own poems. Poetry is a love of mine and a skill I would like to hone. I haven’t spent as much time writing poetry as I have other material, but I would like to pursue it more. Three of my most valued poems are “Reflections,” “Composed on the Nature Park,” and “Peace the Precious Pearl.”.

Mission Statement, and Overall Goals

My most admired authors are C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, and Joyce Meyer. I want to be like them—a person of influence.

In my future writing, I will focus on the “Christian,” “travel,” and/or “poetry” genres and the main purpose of my writing will be to inspire and uplift others. I will use any of the three genres, or any combination of them, for my writing.

My writing in the Christian genre will include creation of devotionals and a book one day. I would also like to write for a Christian magazine.

Writing for the travel genre will involve my exploration of various places and submission to publications as a freelancer. Because my future is going to involve missionary work, I might combine the genres of “Christian” and “travel” into one. For example, I can write about my experiences as a missionary as well as my observation of the peoples I am in interaction with and their locations (e.g. South America, Africa, etc.)

As for poetry, it seems to only flow through me when I am inspired by an emotion—awe, sadness, anger, joy, etc. I would like to create it on my own terms, whenever I feel it is appropriate. I will submit my best work to major publications, such as Chicken Soup for the Soul.

I would also like to explore short-story writing. I have only written one short story, but I believe it is actually short enough to be considered “flash-fiction.” A good short story can say so much in so little words. There is much to say about those who can write in this category, and I would like to give it an attempt.

In five years I hope to have several works published in magazines through freelance writing and in 10 years I would like to be working on a book about what I’ve learned about life and God.

Michelle Linda


11 Responses to Michelle’s Bio.

  1. Deborah Navarro says:

    You are everything I always wanted to be. I am so thankful to God that not only is he bringing
    It out on the 3rd generation, but that Pipo and
    Mima gets to see it.

  2. mlbacallao says:

    I love you Tia! You are the best.

  3. Rahburt says:

    small world, that’s where i graduated from too :)

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