Happy Thanksgiving

There’s nothing like waking up before the rest of the world (or maybe just the rest of your family!) It’s that feeling of tired-but-can’t-sleep. It’s that feeling of excitement when you see your family and best friends after half a year. When you’ve been on your own for so long…

There’s something about getting an early start on the world; feeling accomplished before the sun has risen. Drinking that hot, rich coffee and seeing the snow-capped mountains. Knowing today won’t hold much, but it will hold everything. That today is what’s important. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Today.

There’s nothing like being awake when the world is still. Maybe that’s why some of us prefer the night. Darkness encompasses the earth, and with it, brings that single moment of silence. That moment when you can think back on your day–your shortcomings and your victories. You can see yourself from a new perspective, if you really try. And you can talk to God and know everything will work out in time.

The world is still now. It’s covered in a glistening white blanket of snow. In the quietness, it’s easier to hear God’s voice. He’s saying “I love you, I always have. I have never left you and I will never leave you. Have faith in me; you were planned from the beginning. I know your purpose; now follow it. You were made for more!”

We listen without hearing; we see without seeing. If we can slow down the busy pace, just be still…We’ll see a world that’s new. And maybe the world alone won’t be new, maybe we will too.

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Professional Profile

I wanted to share my Professional Profile with WordPress. It details the things I want to do in the next few years and in the long-term future. It also includes a resume, professional statement and where my inspiration for writing has come from.

Michelle Linda

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Link Love <3

Well, I’ve put together my next random compilation of things to share. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

1. This voicemail of a man giving a play-by-play of a car “accident” is just about the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

2. Have you heard about purity rings? Read why this young woman has decided not to wear one anymore.

3. This one only applies to kids who were a part of the IB program; however, it is pretty funny.

4. Satire is always amusing. Read about Georgia Tech’s “anonymous” art installations.

5. What this man has to say about equality is perfect.

6. Did you hear about the giraffe riddle going around on Facebook? This article shows the true answer, and why many of us, when giving the correct answer, got conned into thinking we were wrong.

7. Do you dislike math the way I do? Listen to what this girl says.

8. This man shares his view on why chivalry is dead.

9. Watch this video on how great leaders inspire action. It will change you.

10. Have you made a husband/wife list? I believe this is a great example of one for all you singles out there.

11. And finally, Jonathan Tony spreads light on true romance.

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No Greater Love: Dara Viane

indexIf you have looked at my Reading Lists page, you’ll find that I’ve listed No Greater Love as a favorite. Recently, Dara Viane, the author, was generous to give me a few minutes of her time for an interview about her book. No Greater Love is an exciting historical fiction/romance novel.  It kept me on the edge of my seat, and I would encourage you all to go to Amazon and purchase a copy!

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I always find it a little difficult to talk about myself, but I will try. For starters, I have been happily married for 25 years and have two children, both of whom I have home schooled for the past ten years. I enjoy being a wife and mother as well as being a writer. I love history, gardening, shopping (smile) and Starbucks frappuccinos. But most of all, I love God. Without Him, I am nothing.

How many books have you written?

I have written three books and am presently working on the sequel to NO GREATER LOVE.

What inspired No Greater Love?

NO GREATER LOVE was inspired by a vision. I literally saw the first chapter play out before my eyes like a movie. I believe God gave me the story.

What gave you the idea to write a book in the Christian/historical fiction genre?

I actually did not even consider the genre that I was writing. I simply wrote the story and let the publishing industry decide in what genre it belonged. However, I do see a pattern in my writing toward Historical Romance.

How much research was involved when you went about writing the book?

I did a lot of research before, during and even after finishing NO GREATER LOVE. I have literally spent years in research. Roman history is so vast, no one could possibly grasp it all in just a few hours or days.

What kind of research was involved?

Most of my research was done the old fashioned way. I went to the library and studied books on Roman History. As for specific books, I honestly cannot remember them as it was about twenty years ago that I did most of my research. I did however study the Bible and various concordances so I could paint an accurate picture of the crucifixion of Christ. As of late, I have continued my research via the web. I try to be very careful about what I learn on the web. It is important to me to get accurate historical information.

Are you still going to be publishing a second part to No Greater Love?

I am presently working on the sequel to NO GREATER LOVE. It is tentatively called, THE CENTURION’S WOMAN. I am about mid point in the story and have written about 254 pages thus far.

Can you give us any sneak peaks into what The Centurion’s Woman will focus on? Will it focus on the two main characters from the last book, Tamar and Tiberius? 

THE CENTURION’S WOMAN will focus on the two main characters, Tamar and Tiberius. However, the secondary characters are very much a part of the story as in NO GREATER LOVE.

THE CENTURION’S WOMAN is the continuing tale of Tiberius and Tamar’s struggle to find love and peace with themselves and with one another. Without giving away too much of the story, something has come between Tiberius and Tamar and their journey to the altar. You will just have to read the sequel to find out what I am talking about. : )

How did you go about naming each character or did the names just come to you?

In naming the characters, I paid attention to the names I found as I did my research. If the name appealed to me, I wrote it down on a list and when it came time to give each character a name, I simply perused my list. It was sort of like writing down names you might want to name your baby. : )

What insight would you like to share with fellow writers or aspiring novelists?

I would encourage aspiring novelists to write a little every day and to write about what they love. Be true to yourself and to your gift. I believe if you do this, God will bless the work of your hands.

Thank you so much for your time, Dara. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the audience?

It is my sincere hope that my novels would bring my readers enjoyment and leave them with a memorable story. And that, my work brings glory to God.

A book description from Amazon:

“In the time of Jesus, at the zenith of Ancient Rome’s power, Tiberius Marcius, a decorated centurion, stands between two powerful men—Drusus, Caesar’s lecherous son, and Sejanus, prefect of the Praetorian Guard—waging a personal war against each other. Both are determined to possess a beautiful, Hebrew slave named Tamar.

Tiberius Marcius owns Tamar and is torn between his growing love for her and his allegiances to Drusus and Sejanus. As both his monstrous masters close in, the decorated soldier decides to risk it all for the slave girl for whom he would die.

Soon, the two lovers are fighting for their lives as they are chased by assassins and political enemies in exotic cities across the Roman Empire. In a time of great religious and international upheaval, Tiberius and Tamar are forced to confront their interfaith relationship while trying desperately to survive the battle between the emperor’s son and his deadliest foe.”

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Fiction Friday


Okay, so this is comical, but I just barely made this post in time for it to still be considered Friday! Yay, me! (Okay, that’s enough “London Tipton.”) So, I’ve been quite the train wreck with all the schoolwork and writing projects and various other tasks I’ve been working on, so last week I was unable to post a Fiction Friday. I apologize about that. Since no one responded to the previous Fiction Friday other than myself, I awarded myself winner! :) So, here is my response to the last Fiction Friday prompt.

How We’ve Changed

Once, we spent time together;
We walked and enjoyed the weather.
Now we stay home and Skype;
It’s like we’re ignoring life!

Once, we wrote letters;
Now, Facebook and emails have gotten the better.

Once, we called our friends with great news;
Now, we tweet away all our blues.

Once, pictures graced scrapbooks;
Now, Instagram’s getting all the looks!

Once, we’d watch America’s Funniest Home Videos as we’d dine;
Now, we’re all hooked on the Vine!

Once, we had time for quality time;
Let’s bring this connection back, it’d certainly be no crime!

By Michelle Linda

Okay, so here is this week’s prompt:

“An acquaintance suffers from a unique addiction.”

Here’s the deal. This is vague–it could mean anything. Write in whatever style you choose–short-story, poem, fake newspaper article–whatever floats your boat…It’s up to you. (I don’t care if you even write one sentence!) Just be sure to submit your response to this post any time throughout this  week, and next week I will post the winning response! : ) Have fun with this one!

Michelle Linda

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