Happy Thanksgiving

There’s nothing like waking up before the rest of the world (or maybe just the rest of your family!) It’s that feeling of tired-but-can’t-sleep. It’s that feeling of excitement when you see your family and best friends after half a year. When you’ve been on your own for so long…

There’s something about getting an early start on the world; feeling accomplished before the sun has risen. Drinking that hot, rich coffee and seeing the snow-capped mountains. Knowing today won’t hold much, but it will hold everything. That today is what’s important. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Today.

There’s nothing like being awake when the world is still. Maybe that’s why some of us prefer the night. Darkness encompasses the earth, and with it, brings that single moment of silence. That moment when you can think back on your day–your shortcomings and your victories. You can see yourself from a new perspective, if you really try. And you can talk to God and know everything will work out in time.

The world is still now. It’s covered in a glistening white blanket of snow. In the quietness, it’s easier to hear God’s voice. He’s saying “I love you, I always have. I have never left you and I will never leave you. Have faith in me; you were planned from the beginning. I know your purpose; now follow it. You were made for more!”

We listen without hearing; we see without seeing. If we can slow down the busy pace, just be still…We’ll see a world that’s new. And maybe the world alone won’t be new, maybe we will too.

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