Fiction Friday


Okay, so this is comical, but I just barely made this post in time for it to still be considered Friday! Yay, me! (Okay, that’s enough “London Tipton.”) So, I’ve been quite the train wreck with all the schoolwork and writing projects and various other tasks I’ve been working on, so last week I was unable to post a Fiction Friday. I apologize about that. Since no one responded to the previous Fiction Friday other than myself, I awarded myself winner! :) So, here is my response to the last Fiction Friday prompt.

How We’ve Changed

Once, we spent time together;
We walked and enjoyed the weather.
Now we stay home and Skype;
It’s like we’re ignoring life!

Once, we wrote letters;
Now, Facebook and emails have gotten the better.

Once, we called our friends with great news;
Now, we tweet away all our blues.

Once, pictures graced scrapbooks;
Now, Instagram’s getting all the looks!

Once, we’d watch America’s Funniest Home Videos as we’d dine;
Now, we’re all hooked on the Vine!

Once, we had time for quality time;
Let’s bring this connection back, it’d certainly be no crime!

By Michelle Linda

Okay, so here is this week’s prompt:

“An acquaintance suffers from a unique addiction.”

Here’s the deal. This is vague–it could mean anything. Write in whatever style you choose–short-story, poem, fake newspaper article–whatever floats your boat…It’s up to you. (I don’t care if you even write one sentence!) Just be sure to submit your response to this post any time throughout this  week, and next week I will post the winning response! : ) Have fun with this one!

Michelle Linda

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