Link Love <3

Inspired by Valerie Moses, I have decided to begin a Link Love day. Once a week, I will compile a list of links I love (and you should too). Hope you enjoy. :)

This week’s interesting finds:

1. Do you crave a moment of reminiscence? Here are 50 things some of you–and mostly us ’80s and ’90s babies–will never be able to forget.

2. Need help writing? Read Help! for writers. This is my current reading and I can’t help but feel inspired.

3. I try to keep my site as “appropriate” as possible, but when I hear “Big boob problems,” I can’t help but relate.

4. Most of you have probably already seen Jon Stewart’s inspirational interview with Malala Yousafzai, but if not, definitely check this out.

5. Sometimes we have to ask before we can receive. Read about this young man in search of a family.

6. Should we keep our goals to ourselves? Watch this video and decide for yourself.

7. I love to share work I contribute to The Mountaineer. These are just pictures, but hey, a contribution is a contribution. :)

8. Watch this video of Christina Bianco, and if you don’t laugh at this talented diva, you need a new funny bone.

9. If you are a 20-something, you might want to read this. Like, totally.

10. Check out these 25 things every woman needs to know, by inspirational speaker and creator of More Love Letters, Hannah B.

11. Do you know what a perfect christian would look like? Neither do I. Read Jonathan Tony’s answer.

12. Leaving your door unlocked can sometimes be a problem. But this is the most honest and heartbreaking reason to leave the door unlocked I’ve ever seen.

13. Don’t let others take advantage of you. This is a classic example of why.

Michelle Linda

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