Fiction Friday


Okay, so this is our first Fiction Friday. I will post a randomly selected prompt for this week and you all have a week to respond to it. I will also post my reponse sometime during the week. Afterwards, I will choose one of the stories and post it as the winner for this week’s Fiction Friday. Have fun! :)


Since the dawn of the internet, consider how personal and artistic expression has changed…then write a short poem about it.

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One Response to Fiction Friday

  1. mlbacallao says:

    So…I didn’t even meet my own deadline on this one! And, I’m behind as I did not post a Fiction Friday last week.
    So, I know nothing about formatting poetry, but I think what I had to say was quite funny. Plus, these are just for fun and practice anyway. :) Here’s my entry:

    How We’ve Changed

    Once, we spent time together;
    We walked and enjoyed the weather.
    Now we stay home and Skype;
    It’s like we’re ignoring life!

    Once, we wrote letters;
    Now, Facebook and emails have gotten the better.

    Once, we called our friends with great news;
    Now, we tweet away all our blues.

    Once, pictures graced scrapbooks;
    Now, Instagram’s getting all the looks!

    Once, we’d watch America’s Funniest Home Videos as we’d dine;
    Now, we’re all hooked on the Vine!

    Once, we had time for quality time;
    Let’s bring this connection back, it’d certainly be no crime!

    By Michelle Linda

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