Fiction Fridays

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I am going to be starting a new component to my blog called Fiction Fridays. This requires “audience participation.” Each Friday, I will use an app on my Kindle to find a “random” (and usually funny) prompt and post my random story. I’d like it if you all could participate too and send in your random stories based on the prompt! It will be fun; I promise.

Michelle Linda

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3 Responses to Fiction Fridays

  1. mlbacallao says:

    By the way, it doesn’t have to be a whole story. It can be really short. Or it can be just an opening to a story, as long as you follow the prompt.


    Here is my attempt. I used it to inspire my update for my online series Headquarters.

  3. mlbacallao says:

    Thanks for participating; that wasn’t actually this week’s prompt, it was just a sample picture, but I love that you used it in your story! Great job. :) I will post another prompt tomorrow. Hope to see more from you!

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