The Mountaineer

‘Sup, WordPressers? Guess who just got an internship at a local newspaper? That’s right, this lady!

I just started thinking not too long ago how useful and relevant it would be to have an internship as a writer. (You know, how it’s almost impossible to get a job as a writer without any published work/experience?) So I truly am grateful to be able to have this experience and add it to my resume. In fact, just two days ago I was discussing majors with my “sister-in-law” ;) and she suggested an internship was the best place to start. And what do you know, I got an internship the next day. Praise the Lord! I need this, especially if I want to write at a place like Relevant one day. 

Right now I will be covering current events for The Mountaineer, in Waynesville, N.C. I wanted to start off with editing, but who’s going to let a newbie do that? I have to do some serious AP studying! I’m sooo nervous and excited at the same time.


Michelle Linda

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