The Secret


Finally finished The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. Great ideas and a must-read. The only thing I would change would be all the references of “The Universe” into “God.” The Universe isn’t in control, God is. The Universe isn’t going to give you the things you need/want. God is. Energy didn’t create the world. God did. You get the gist.

Here are some good key points I picked up while reading the book:

  • -The secret is the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Positive behavior attracts a ¬†positive outcome and negative behavior attracts a negative outcome.
  • -Our words are the most powerful thing we have.
  • -The law of attraction doesn’t compute “don’t” or “not” or any other words of negation.
    • -If you say: “I don’t want a bad haircut,” you are really saying “I want a bad haircut.”
    • -If you say: “I don’t want these shoes to hurt,” you are really saying “I want these shoes to hurt.”
    • -Instead, speak out what you do want: “I want a good haircut,” or “I want these shoes to feel good.” The words we speak will come to pass.
  • -What you think about the most will appear in your life.
  • -It is impossible to feel bad and at the same time be having good thoughts.
  • -Love is the most powerful force we have.
  • -Ask, believe, receive.
  • -Act, speak, and think as if you have already received what you’re asking for. Be thankful that you are receiving.
  • -It is as easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars.
  • -To lose weight, don’t focus on “losing weight.” Instead, focus on your perfect weight. When you visualize what you want, it comes to life.
  • -Think wealth, health, happiness,and prosperity.
  • -Focus on the qualities you love about yourself and the law of attraction will show you more great things about you.
  • -Laughter attracts joy, releases negativity, and leads to miraculous cures.
  • -Ignore negativity.
  • -When you resist, you attract, because you are powerfully focused on it with emotion.

Michelle Linda

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