A start to my year

(Composed  1/19/13)

I have recently finished three books I  started last fall. That may be why my “current” reading list appears so puny. The completed books include A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Slippery Slope (I have three more to go), Walking Among the Unseen, and Anne Frank (originally the Secret Annexe).

My new books of the year include Forgotten Girls, What Good is God?, and No Greater Love. I also intend to read The Hobbit. I purchased the book at Target for $11 and realized to my disappointment that I already a copy downstairs on my personal bookshelf!

Anyways, I haven’t written for quite some time–I’ve been on and off with sickness for over a month! I realize that my blogging is very sporadic, but I’m not too keen on “planning everything to the tee.” For instance, I wouldn’t schedule myself to sit down and write my blog every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Sure, if need be, I would do such a thing, but really I write anytime I choose. It comes best to me when I have a thought I feel needs to be recorded; then I go to the paper, and write away.

Originally the goal of my blog was to write once a week. Unfortunately, sickness and other misfortunes have prevented this. However, there have been days when I’ve uploaded more than one blog, and weeks when I have uploaded several. Good or bad, my blog could be compared to the waves of the ocean–in and out, predictable to an extent, yet still unpredictable. Right now my blog flows free as I’m sure my writing does, but soon, yes soon, it will become much more “on purpose.”

You see, right now, as I often do when I write, I feel I am just flowing from one subject to the next without any concern for the audience. And for that, dear reader, I apologize.

I am looking to find myself and through writing I hope to discover, develop, and flourish the “me” that is hidden inside.

I began this blog in discussion of my reading list and I would like to end it the same. I enjoyed the three books I completed.  Anne Frank probably touched me the most. It was actually an emotional experience. You see, I’ve really taken about two years to read the treasure. The afterword–hearing what happened to Anne, her friends, her family, and six million other Jews…It’s heartbreaking. But as I read in What Good is God?, everything is redeemable by Him and He will redeem all. Of the Frank family, only Otto, or “Pim” (Anne’s father) survived the prison camps and lived to tell his story; yet Anne’s story lived to tell itself.

Because I’ve slacked off at so many different times with my reading, and reading means so much to me, I intend to embark on a greater reading journey than I have before. I want to gain insight and wisdom from great writers, I want to learn more about this thing we call “the world”, and I want to know God like never before through my study of His Word.

How’s that for a start to my New Year?

Michelle Linda

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