To be or not to be


Why is the task of writing such an effortful one? It is not the writing which is difficult once started; it is the breaking of the ice. It’s a challenge to choose a topic when there is such a vast variety to write upon. Discipline is the hardest part. To force myself to sit and write makes it seem like homework. Maybe this is why I’ve never been able to maintain a diary (apart from the fact that I’d always rip out and throw away the pages in a fit of embarrassment). Regardless, what makes a writer a writer? Who is the judge? The individual? The audience? Face it, if you don’t have it, you just don’t have it. But if a person wants something bad enough he will strive for it. I want to be a writer. But do I have it? Only time will tell. Of the many things I’ve wanted to be–dolphin tamer, figure skater, firefighter, Navy diver–this one seems attainable. Even if it’s simply for my own pleasure or the laughs and encouragement of a few others. I’m in love with literature and the acts of reading, writing, and especially editing. Maybe I can do this thing.

Michelle Linda

Photography credit to yours truly. :)

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