Anger and Love

Anger and Love

By Michelle Bacallao

Flying- Piercing- Stabbing like a dart!

A dart to the heart.

That’s how anger feels.

Anger feels brutal, harsh,

More bitter than

A thousand nights alone.

Alone- Is it really that bad?

Anger is worse, worse, worse.

Worse than hunger,

Worse than sadness,

But why?

Why- Because it’s destructive-

Destructive to families,

And homes,

And lovers,

And love…


Love is much sweeter.

Sweet like honey.

Honey on crackers.

No- love is not like food,

Let’s start over…

Love is patient,

Love is kind.

Yes, I think that’s the right notion…

It’s unwavering,

Faithful, truthful,

Giving, and more.

More powerful than hate,

More wonderful than gold,

More precious than any other blessing.

Anger and love.

The two cannot exist together,

Yet those we love have power.

Power to make us most angry.

Angry? Why?

We cannot let this go on.

We must trap anger,

Into a small container.

A container to contain it

And send it away,

To some far off island,

Or abandoned bay

It must not take over love,

Or control it,

Or condemn it.

It must be stopped.

Stopped before it destroys the

Precious little

We have left to love.


Love one another.

Love truthfully,

Love wholly,

And never stop loving.

Note: The original “Anger” poem won second place in the Cayman Islands National Children’s Festival of the Arts. However, the poem was unreturned and will probably never be found, so I wrote a new version.

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