Three types of learners


There are so many different kids out there and one has to realize that each child has a unique learning style. The three basic learning styles are kinesthetic (hands-on), visual, and audio. Personally, my two strongest learning styles are visual and audio. I am not usually a hands-on person. I learn best when I can see something in writing and hear it at the same time.

Sometimes, to a parent or teacher, it may appear that a child is being disobedient or not listening. In fact, it could be that the child simply isn’t understanding a concept because they are not being taught in the way they understand best. It is important to evaluate children individually and help them as best we can. There is not enough one-on-one in classrooms so it is important that children get this at home.

I am currently tutoring three children and I can tell you that I teach all three differently. While one is a visual learner, the other is kinesthetic, and the third learns through what he hears me say. No learning style is “better”; they are just different. While in school, teachers cannot always cater to each learning style but the best of teachers will incorporate all three into their teaching. Although we do not usually choose how we are taught, there are ways we can strengthen our learning no matter what our learning style is. See “Strengthening Your Learning.”

At the bottom I have provided links to help you understand and identify the three types of learners.   Everyone has a learning style, whether three years old or eighty years old, so if you would like to identify yours or your child’s, simply check out the links below.

For more information on the three learning styles here are some helpful links:
Understanding and Identifying Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic Learning Styles
Strengthening Your Learning– This one is extremely helpful. It gives tips for how to learn best with your individual learning style.
Modality Table– This will help you to identify which learning styles your child possesses.
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